CND Parker Immigration


CND PARKER is a knowledge-driven law firm with considerable expertise. We deliver affordable and professional UK immigration and visa services. We have successfully assisted companies and individuals understand the complex UK immigration law, practice, policy and procedure, thereby helping you to apply with confidence. Our experienced immigration team offers a comprehensive and customized client specific service to corporate and individual clients.

Corporate Immigration

The provisions in UK immigration law relating to people coming to work or set up their business in UK radically changed with the introduction of a Points Based System (PBS) in 2008 and 2009. Different tiers within that system correspond to previous categories for workers and self employed individuals in the immigration rules. Further radical changes have been made in the recent past abolishing applications for Tier 1 (General) applications from outside or from within the United Kingdom. An upper limit has been set up on the number of Certificates of Sponsorships that are available to licensed Tier 2 sponsors.

Our corporate immigration team provides a full service covering all aspects of commercial immigration. We guide corporate clients on the complexities of PBS system and help them in setting up a sponsor license. We help our clients in understanding and establishing the sponsor license for their companies. We keep our clients updated with the developments in the PBS system and advise them how these developments will affect their organizations. We also help our clients understand the implications of sale or transfer of a business on the immigration status of the employees of the business. We keep the Clients informed about their roles, responsibilities and reporting duties under the Points based system.

Private Immigration

We aim at providing a practical and cost effective solution to our clients.

In addition to presenting your application and dealing with the issues arising out of it, we also offer the following services:

  • Case assessment prior to the final application.
  • Advice in relation to documentation required for applications.
  • Advise on paperwork, forms, mode of application and the category of application.
  • Assisting clients understand how their application will be reviewed by the case workers in the UK Border Agency and assessment review to improve the chances of success of the application.