CND Parker Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Our team provides clients with more than the pros and cons of dispute resolution. We are highly attuned to the value of alternative dispute resolution techniques and are dedicated to finding practical solutions and adding value to clients. We review the likely costs – in money, time and reputation – before recommending a course of action based on the desired commercial outcomes.


Our Litigation Team can help you achieve your objectives with minimal cost and maximum effectiveness. We endeavor to provide commercial minded advice at every stage of litigation. Our Litigation Team is skilled in court procedures and given our medium size we are able to provide personalized services.

Our team has a highly respected litigation team with knowledge in all forms of litigation including contractual and property disputes, trade disputes, company and insurance litigation.

Disputes need to be resolved efficiently and cost effectively. We are highly regarded for success acting for clients in this way across the market, possessing a strong and experienced team of lawyers who can advise you on the best strategy to protect your business interests. Our lawyers advise across a diverse range of industries such as financial services, insurance, health, entertainment, information technology, intellectual property, workplace relations, retail and trade and property and construction.

Drawing on past successful cases, we are well equipped to handle simple and complex litigation.

We are aware of the time and costs associated with court processes and the value to businesses of resolving disputes, where possible, without proceeding with formal litigation. We also have extensive experience at facilitating negotiated outcomes through mediation, facilitated discussions, expert determination and appraisal.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Our client’s interest and objectives are the prime determinants in our advising our clients whether litigation or alternative dispute resolution will be the best possible course of action for resolving any disputes.


Candey Parker’s Arbitration team is dedicated to providing the best possible service to help our client achieve their business goals effectively and cost efficiently. Arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution process is aptly suited for resolving commercial, contractual disputes and partnership disputes.

With the wide range of expertise of our team we are able to provide superlative services and representation before ad hoc and institutional arbitration tribunal. We can assist you in domestic as well as international arbitration.

Our team members have a successful record of dealing with complex commercial arbitrations under the auspices of the ICC, LCIA and Bilateral Investment Treaty arbitrations and with enforcing arbitral awards in various jurisdictions. We also have expertise to help you with Pre- Arbitral Referee Procedures. We can also help you achieve your business objectives by representing your interests in negotiations, mediations and other alternative dispute mechanisms.


We also assist our clients to mediate their disputes with the help of mediators. Mediation requires a proportionate blend of tact, diplomacy. Our dispute resolution team is skilled in representing clients in mediation and achieving desired objectives and drafting settlement agreements.

Negotiation and Conciliation

Sometimes it is a sensible approach to negotiate and conciliate differences and disputes than litigating disputes in the Court of law or resolve them by way of arbitration. Accordingly, after due consideration to costs, number of parties involved, circumstances of individual cases, we recommend our clients to consider negotiation and conciliation and offer our expertise and experience to help them negotiate effectively and conciliate disputes thereby avoiding unnecessary costs.