Intellectual Property

The ramifications of Intellectual Property (IP) in international trade and commerce are extensive and in-depth. Though attempts have been made to globalize the legal regime of Intellectual Property and various national statutes and judicial decisions have recognized this ‘globalised’ nature of intellectual property rights, a lot remains to be done. We at CND PARKER appreciate the value of your intellectual creation and accordingly render a wide range of advice on Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Designs, Trade Secrets and help you resolve Intellectual Property disputes.

Our team advises on a wide range of IP issues and has experience in a variety of key industry sectors.

Our IP capabilities include:

  • Trade mark registration and portfolio management
  • Ownership and management of IP
  • Commercialising IP and IP in corporate/commercial transactions
  • Dispute resolution and litigation
  • Franchising
  • Film and media

Our IP team adopts an integrated approach and works seamlessly with other specialists in the firm to provide a “one stop shop” in areas such as corporate structuring, capital raising, human resources, transactions, compliance, dispute resolution and litigation.


The exclusive right to use or exercise an invention is multi-faceted and one with various social and economic implications. We have the expertise to assist you with acquisition of patents and advice on rights and obligations of a patentee, on patent restoration, revocation, surrender, license, assignment of patents. We also render advice collaboration agreements and on matters arising out of commercialization of technology rights. We can help you manage and enforce your patents globally and assist you in cases of patent infringement.


Copyright is yet another IP Right which we endeavour to safeguard for our clients. A copyright is usually granted for literary, dramatic, musical works, artistic works. We can help you with assignment of copyright and advice you on the mode of assignment, any disputes pertaining to assignment of copyrights, transmission of copyright, relinquishing copyright, on obtaining licenses including license to publish translations.

We can advice you on extension of copyrights and allied rights and safeguard your rights against infringements, and provide you with our support to remedy any infringement.


Whereas law recognizes certain intellectual property rights for limited periods, a trade mark can be protected for perpetuity subject to certain conditions. We can help you with registration of trademarks, assignments and transmission of trade marks. We can help you exploit, enforce and renew your trademarks and in buying and selling trademarks, challenging infringements and passing off.

Industrial Designs

We also offer our services to safeguard your Industrial Designs. The shape, configuration, pattern, composition of lines, colours that you create for increasing your sales and expanding your forte of business deserve protection. We can help you with registration of designs, advice you on designs prohibited from registration, assignment and license, rights conferred by registration, on lapsed designs and help you seek civil remedies against piracy, infringement of copyright in a design by obtaining injunctions, damages or compensations and/or by delivery-up of infringing articles.

Our other IP services include advice on Trade Secrets, Confidential Information and other forms of Intellectual Property.



CND Parker have been our solicitors since their establishment. We have been advised by their Founding Partner for over 20 years. They have dealt with our Property transactions and Commercial Litigation matters with expertise and very professionally and timeously. CND Parker resolve issues by thinking out of the box and providing innovative solutions. We have found them to be very effective on Share Purchase Agreements, Cross Border Litigation, dispute resolution without going to Courts and expensive Trials. They have assisted and advised us on Trust matters and Corporate structures for both our clients and us. Their fees are very reasonable and we would highly recommend them to our clients.

- Parker Lloyd Group

We have known CND Parker for nearly 10 years now during which time we have worked on multitude of transactions. The first thing which comes to mind when somebody mentions them is Trust. Whoever they may be representing in a transaction they earn the trust and respect of all parties involved.
Secondly, Abhijit Khandeparkar and team are known for having business/commercial understanding which is essential for corporate legal work. Thirdly their ability to make their work-time schedules flexible to deliver a quick turnaround has helped us when working on a tight deadline. I wish Abhijit and team the very best of success for years to come which they richly deserve.

- Hinduja Group

We have known Abhijit Khandeparkar for about 15 years and have used his services for our legal requirements. The services provided by him and the entire team at CND Parker has been to our satisfaction.
Most importantly they understand our business and provide commercially prudent legal advice. CND Parker has handled several cases for us, and we reaffirm our confidence in the firm and their services. CND Parker certainly add value to our business.

- Global Metcorp Group

We had instructed CND PARKER in a particularly difficult case involving a claim brought against us by a large company. The opposing party was represented by a reputed heavy weight law firm.
Our legal position dramatically changed in correspondence and we could negotiate a settlement without having to pay anything to the other side. I was particularly pleased with my interaction with Mr. Abhijit Khandeparkar, whose guidance has always been frank and honest.

- Kings Cross Hotels Group

We were hesitant at first to change our solicitors whom we had used for years. However, on strong recommendations from our business partners we engaged the services of CND Parker for our property work. We can emphatically say that we do not regret our decision.
Their team members are easily approachable and are down to earth in their interactions. Alvia Ahmad has been meticulous and prompt in the property work carried out for us. We would strongly recommend CND Parker to all our business friends.

- Surebay Developments